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Can you help Susanna walk?

Please donate towards the £60,000 we need to help Susanna Petersburska walk.

Now five-years-old, Susanna from Merseyside was born with cerebral palsy and has never taken a step unaided. But she has the opportunity of pioneering surgery in the US that would alleviate her condition and transform her life – only if the money can be raised to pay for Susanna’s treatment, and fast. She only has a short timeframe in which to have the operation. 

Help Susanna live a normal, active life
Susanna can only get around when supported by a walking frame.  Yet despite intense pain and the ordeal of regular Botox injections, she's a bright and bubbly child who only wants to live the kind of active life her friends take for granted.

Donate now and find out more

Scores of supporters like you have already donated thousands of pounds since our campaign started in November 2011. You can see the photos in our gallery and find out more on our news events page . Or feel free to contact us.  You can donate online, by phone, text or post. Please give what you can each donation is a precious milestone on Susanna’s road to a happier childhood and fuller life.

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